Dr. Sheldon Elman, MD

As a family physician in Montreal, Dr. Sheldon Elman saw an opportunity to complement the Canadian healthcare system. He identified the personal and systemic value in treating health issues before they became medical problems, not once diagnosed. A lifelong innovator, Dr. Elman founded Medisys Health Group in 1987. Under his leadership, Medisys became Canada’s leading national private and corporate healthcare service provider. This has established Sheldon as one of Canada’s top corporate medical advisors. Sheldon served as the Chairman of Medisys until 2018 when the business was sold to Telus Health. In addition to these responsibilities, he maintains an active medical practice.

Esplanade Ventures was formed in 2019 by Dr. Elman and Stuart M. Elman, co-founders of Persistence Capital Partners, Canada’s largest healthcare-focused private equity fund.

Sheldon is also an active member of Canada’s business and social community. He is a board member of the CD Howe Institute, a member of the Cercle des Présidents, a member of World Presidents Organization (WPO), a past recipient of E&Y’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Quebec, as well as a past Co-Chair of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Ball and Co-Chair of the Quebec Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Sheldon graduated from McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine and is a member of the Canadian College of Family Physicians.

Sheldon Elman